“Work-in-progress ‘LSD: The Opera’ is powerful musical theater”
(LA Times)


Aldous-on-Deathbed, 69 years old
Laura Huxley, wife of Aldous, 52 years old
Young Man
LSD TRIO: Love, Sex, and Death
Humphrey Osmond, a doctor and friend of Aldous
Aldous Huxley, 59 years old
James Watson, mid-30’s, co-discovered DNA
Francis Crick, mid-30’s, co-discovered DNA
Man One (Eagle Pub)
Man Two (Eagle Pub)
Albert Hofmann, Swiss chemist who discovered LSD, late 30’s
Mrs. R, neighbor of Albert Hofmann
Sid Gottlieb, headed MK-ULTRA program for the CIA, early 40’s
Hit Man
Allen Dulles, first director of CIA, mid-50’s
George Hunter White, consultant for CIA Operation Midnight Climax
Anita Hofmann, wife of Albert
Timothy Leary, late 30’s, advocate for psychedelics
Marshall McLuhan, intellectual of media theory, late 40’s
Mary Meyer, mistress of JKF, late 30’s
John F. Kennedy, President, early 40’s
Marilyn Monroe, actress, early 30’s
Jackie Kennedy, wife of JFK, early 30’s

TOTAL: 25 characters + CIA Chorus

Double-triple casting (11 singers required):

  • Aldous-on-Deathbed / Aldous Huxley lyric baritone
  • Laura Huxley / Death (LSD Trio) / Mrs. R mezzo soprano
  • Sex (LSD Trio) / Marilyn Monroe coloratura soprano
  • Love (LSD Trio) / Young Man / Jackie Kennedy lyric soprano
  • Humphrey Osmond / Allen Dulles / Marshall McLuhan baritone
  • James Watson / John F. Kennedy baritone
  • Francis Crick / Timothy Leary / CIA Chorus tenor
  • Albert Hofmann / CIA Chorus baritone
  • Hit Man / George Hunter White / Man One tenor
  • Sid Gottlieb / Man Two bass-baritone
  • Mary Meyer / Anita Hofmann / CIA Chorus mezzo soprano
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