“Work-in-progress ‘LSD: The Opera’ is powerful musical theater”
(LA Times)

Historical figures appearing in LSD: Huxley’s Last Trip

Albert Hofmann
Chemist who first synthesized lysergic acid diethylamide.
Allen Dulles
Fifth director of the CIA.
Sid Gottlieb
Head of the CIA's MK-Ultra project, under Dulles.
Humphrey Osmond
Psychiatrist who coined the term "psychedelic."
Aldous Huxley
Aldous and Laura Huxley.
Timothy Leary and Laura Huxley in conversation
photo credit: Joe Sohm.
Phil Graham
Publisher and co-owner of The Washington Post.
Katherine Graham
Widow of Phil Graham and publisher/owner of The Washington Post.
Baba Ram Dass
Spiritual seeker/teacher and writer.
Timothy Leary
Psychologist and writer, instigator.
Mary Pinchot Meyer
JFK’s lover and confidant.
Mary Pinchot Meyer with JFK.
Meyer is on the far right.
Cord Meyer
CIA official and Mary Meyer’s ex-husband.
George Hunter White
Aldous and Laura Huxley
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